For many people around the globe, heritage is an overlooked subject yet it us who we are. For Zamani Project, it is something that we all should be looking at with high regard, just as the late global icon Nelson Mandela said: “The heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the seed of the future.” In Africa, Zamani is part of the cultural heritage and a valuable landscapes database. The non-profit organizational research group, established at the University of Cape Town, was founded by Professor Heinz Ruther in 2001. Aside from compiling research for its database, it also carries out tasks assigned to us by scientists, geologists, and/or archaeologists. Professor Heinz Ruther is a proud and dedicated professional who has worked in his field for years. He provided a detailed background to this very important institution, at the same revealing how he is so close to the people of Africa and the continent. The story began when he was a surveillance student in Germany at the time and worked as a heritage site recorder. This enabled him to travel around the world a lot. When he came to Africa, he fell in love with the people and the continent as a whole. He loved the wealth that the African culture incorporated, yet there was not much recorded based on this. “I wanted to give back to the wonderful welcoming people of Africa, so I was always looking out for ways to do that while I was working.…

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