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As a Tour Operator, you can list your tours on The GallivantAfrica solution is a technology based marketing platform for the multi-day tour industry, utilising B2C connections. These connections enable your products to be exposed to millions of travellers through our own consumer marketing efforts (B2C). Bookings and enquiries are sent directly to the Tour Operator for confirmation and response via an easy to use customer ‘Enquiry to Booking’ (E2B) conversation platform.

We provide you real bookings where the traveller has provided their credit card details, awaiting you to confirm their booking. All bookings are handled within the GallivantAfrica Messenger system, which connects you directly with the customers and is monitored by the 24/7 GallivantAfrica Travel Experts Team.


Who can join?

GallivantAfrica works with professional tour operators running multi-day group tours with ready-to-book itineraries. There is no cost whatsoever for a Tour Operator to list on, however there is a set of terms and conditions each Tour Operator should agree to and also a standard service fee payable for all confirmed bookings.


Application & Set up process

Send an application to with your details and a profile of your tour company. GallivantAfrica screens all applications and due to the large volume, we only respond to applications that have successfully passed our initial screening process.

Once you receive confirmation that your application has been successful, we will guide you through the easy setup process, put a contract in place and assist you with setting up your tours.

Tours can be added to using a JSON / XML API feed, via one of our existing reservation system partners, or manually using the GallivantAfrica Dashboard.


How it works

Search & compare tours on

  • Traveller books and enters credit card details.
  • GallivantAfrica pre-authorises payment.
  • Tour Operator confirms and then payment is secured by GallivantAfrica.
  • Traveller goes on tour and leaves a review.

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