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Cultural sites were developed to preserve our origins in the fast-paced world we are living in. It is a way to establish an active relationship between the past and the present. They are primarily composed of man-made creations and works of Mother Nature. Most of these places represent people’s livelihoods, beliefs and identities. Africa has rich, diverse and remarkable culture that varies from tangible to intangible heritage. African countries have managed to preserve their culture through clothing, dance, music, art, sculpture, and beadwork, passed from one generation to another. The preservation of the various African cultural sites is important because they tell stories of the past and help us appreciate our traditions and priceless art. Cultural sites give character and distinctiveness to a place. It also empowers us with our history and heritage which gives us a sense of place and belonging. ➤ Great Zimbabwe Ruins Great Zimbabwe is a Stone ruin located in the south-eastern part of Zimbabwe, about 19 miles southeast of Masvingo, previously known as Fort Victoria. It is among the most extensive stone ruins in Zimbabwe as it occupies nearly 200 acres and spans across Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Great Zimbabwe was a trading empire from the 11th to 15th century. People from different places would meet here to trade cattle, agricultural products, and gold. Great Zimbabwe is divided into three key areas: the Hill complex and the great Enclosure, characterized by mortar less stone construction, and some earthen and brick structures referred to as daga. The…

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