It is dusk and the sun is slowly setting  but you can still clearly see the peaks of Mt.Kilimanjaro. It  has been a sunny day and I have been traveling by bike to get to the emanyatta where the Orngesherr ( Maasai age-mate ceremony) will be held. It’s   in the remote region a small town called Loitoktok at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. It was a scenic journey but only a bike can manage to get through the narrow murram roads. Its literally a connection of narrow roads in the middle of nowhere. On our way we were lucky  enough to spot an elephant’s footprint. The Maasai in this  region are known to living peacefully with the wild animals. This is a highly anticipated  ceremony in the life of a  Maasai man .It  is performed to mark the retirement from moranism to elder hood in the Maasai community. Today’s festival  is in honor of  the Ilkiponi age set. It is a ceremony where one is now considered grown enough to be able to make important decision as a wise man in the family. The age set is an integral structure in the African community. In the Maasai community it is the central unit of the society. It is only relevant to the men since women don’t have their own age set and are only recognized by their husbands’ age-set. I can feel the excitement from the people as they move around doing different preparations.  Water is being fetched from…

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