The Top Five Business Travel Trends for 2020

2019 has been a record year for business travel in South Africa, despite a weak currency and an economy under pressure. Instead of cutting back on business travel, companies focused on finding smart ways to reduce their spend with the help of travel professionals. Andrew Grunewald, Flight Centre Business Travel Brand Leader, explains that he […]

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US$4.5 billion Mid-East destination wedding tourism, a key trend defining region’s hospitality industry, says new ATM report

5% of destination weddings take place in the Middle East with the UAE the most favoured location EWAA tourism, as well as solo and female-led travel, also set to define hospitality industry as we look ahead to 2020 and beyond Destination wedding tourism, as well as solo and female, led travel and ecotourism, wellness, adventure […]

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2019 Global Gender Summit: to achieve new impetus towards gender parity

Gender equality is not a western agenda, it is not somebody else agenda; it’s a global agenda for growth for inclusive growth for economic development, for society to thrive Africa needs new impetus in its journey towards gender parity. Making progress on any single indicator of gender inequality is likely to require systematic action on […]

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Global Gender Summit 2019: African Leaders Take on the Responsibility to Urgently Close the Gender Gap

The 2019 Global Gender Summit, the first to be held on the continent, kicked off on Monday with a strong call to surge ahead on gender issues and move from commitment to action ‘There is no template to follow…we (women) can deliver but we can deliver differently” – President Sahle-Work Zewde, President of Ethiopia; ‘We […]

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An exceptional dance for African women

African dance serves several purposes in communities. Some dances serve to impart knowledge and traditions in a community, some help define a person’s role within society and others are just for celebratory moments. Whichever the purpose may be, traditional dance is tied to culture and beliefs. Moribayassa is a joyful dance for women who have […]

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