I can never get tired of how awesome this country may just have the most undignified beaches ever. I have to say, this place is paradise. I’m hoping to just highlight the two beaches. It is so unfair how Mother Nature decided to be kind with this country. Comparing all these places, I just couldn’t wonder how Mother Nature could neglect other countries. I’m thinking of becoming a Seychellois. This country is definitely doing the utmost for me. My plane ticket was booked and I was ready to head on to the best spots in Seychelles including that of the awesome beaches. Heading out and safely landing at the Seychelles International airport, I couldn’t just wait to explore the mighty land that had been making headlines in my country, South Africa. Ask anyone, they will definitely say that, whether honeymoon, personal or business. You will never leave this country without having experienced its diverse culture, tradition and most importantly scenery spots. The perfect experience of a perfect day at the beach is the undeniable fact of the right gadgets and things to have when voyaging by the beach. That would probably be a volleyball ball, towel, umbrella and most likely; ice-cream. I can never forget one main aspect, Sunglass. I say rolling my eyes. Starting my first day, I was headed to the La Digue where I couldn’t stop but admire how beautiful the beach here was. Everything about this specific location is just undying and awesome. The natural architecture…


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