When LG said “Life’s Good” they were not wrong about it.

The LG Q60 is a stylish, affordable yet sophisticated phone designed for travellers on the move. If you’re like me – sharing every moment instantly is an important part of travelling and experiencing the world. With a 2.0 GHz Octa-core, you’ve got to wonder what other incredible features it has to offer off the bat.

LG Q60

I decided to put the LG Q60 to the test when I went to Swaziland for the Umhlanga Reed dance.

The phone boasts of a long battery life. Given the opportunity to travel on this fun road trip to Swaziland, I decided to see for myself how long its battery would last.

At 7am, I had been on the road for a few hours. I captured the beautiful sunrise. The wide angle lens of the camera made it easy to take a great video without adjusting the camera. With a tap, I took in the first morning light with ease.

What’s more? The phone can instantly share these photos and videos to all social accounts. Definitely a fun feature that makes it easier to show my followers the best of my content.  

Several hours on our long journey, I thought I’d take the opportunity to watch Netflix. Just to burn a few hours of idleness while on my trip. The DTS:X 3D Surround Sound from the earphones, made my day. It gave that crystal clear, cinematic sound to every movie I watched and I was loving it…every moment.

The size of the screen stole my heart. The phone has a 6.26″ HD+ Full Vision display that made watching movies on the phone so much fun. I can’t resist.

The link shot is another unique feature. You can take a screenshot from a webpage and later revisit it by just tapping on the photo. It instantly directs you back to the actual webpage you took the screenshot.

In addition, the Android phone features a Google assist button. This feature made my hectic life much easier. I was able to set up my schedules and talk to a beautiful lady (Google assist) just from a push of a button.

Upon arrival at my destination, the phone’s battery life was still very active. I was honestly impressed. After hours of movies, I still have enough battery to socialize. It seems I can’t get enough!

The Pack

Another feature I loved is the Youtube Live mode option on the phone’s camera. It gives users like myself a chance to stream live directly from the camera without the use of the Youtube app. Isn’t that awesome?

With this super feature, I was able to go live with every beautiful moment of the event. My fans and followers are able to keep up with me in real time.

The LG Q60 made taking selfies a lot much more easier! The powerful camera lets you instantly blur out your surroundings and focuses on your portrait.

My take on this device? Go for it! The LG is a must-buy for savvy travellers who are always on the move and do not want to carry a lot of gadgets. Plus – it’s affordable. Selling only at R3 799.00 in South Africa. Now tell me, what are you waiting for?

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