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The eastern part of Johannesburg (Joburg) CBD continues to draw sizable numbers of both domestic and international tourists. This place is globally renowned for its dynamic life, multi-layered creative arts spaces, authentic cuisine, night-life entertainment and much more. Its name is Maboneng, a Sotho word meaning “place of light.” Easily accessible through most taxi apps, providing convenience for tourists and other visitors, there is so much to experience in this enchanted and authentic expanse, drawing many to enlist it on the to-do lists. Whether you are for Western tinged or home-grown palates, there is an abundance of everything.  To some extent, and this is obvious in this time, the vibrancy of the venues operating here has been badly impacted by the pandemic but there is no denying that Maboneng is ever the place to be when one wants to feel independent, arty or take in the relaxation of a multicultural city like Joburg. While one can always choose where to start their Maboneng experience, its Arts On Main (AOM), described as “The cultural hub of Maboneng” that seems to be ideal to start-off and whet any visitor’s appetite to want more of Joburg’s tourist draw card. Picture of public art gallery at Towers Main, Absa precinct (corner of Main and Troye streets). Photo Credit JoburgPlaces AOM features a mix of offerings, distinctively complementing each other and also giving a sense of a world on its own. Visitors will discover its mixed-use creative spots including artists’ studios, galleries, workshops, eateries, and…

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