Quality pest control plans are essential for businesses across the hospitality industry. When the weather gets cold, pests move indoors in search of food and warmth. Rats and mice are one of the greatest pest threats to hotels and resorts, from the warm laundry room that creates the perfect nesting environment to the kitchen full of delicious treats. This can lead to disasters for a variety of reasons, which is why Mice Away Organic devised a method of warding off rodents without compromising the health of the hotel staff and guests. Unlike expensive toxic killing baits manufactured to lure disease spreading rodents into your property, MiceAway® Indoor Outdoor Organic Repellent Unit repels mice and safely prevent mice invasion on your property and land. We call this a “non-toxic, non-killing solution” by naturally moving the mouse away – and it’s now being shipped worldwide. Mice Away® Indoor Outdoor Organic Repellent Unit repels mice and other rodents by directly targeting their sense of smell. Mice Away was born in Australia in the middle of a mouse plague. Its story begins with a family disaster. Creator, Sean Borg’s family disaster. Sean is an R&D specialist in the organic herbal foods, minerals and disinfectant field, but like most people he took the conventional approach when he was told that there had been rats reported on the properties in rural Queensland surrounding his. “After fitting my hands into protective gloves and attaching my clear face shield, I took a hammer and waist bag and removed every…

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