It’s not a state secret that business travel has taken a significant knock. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the corporate travel world to complete standstill in 2020. Although we are now seeing a slow and gradual return to the skies for business travellers, it is unlikely the demand will ever reach pre-COVID levels again. Unfortunately, less travel may not equal a reduction in travel and expenses quite yet. Flexible fares, fewer flights and fewer routes mean a higher price tag – and you don’t want to scrimp on budget accommodation or untested suppliers during a global pandemic. Oz Desai, General Manager Corporate Traveller, looks at ways to maximise your travel budget – tailoring it to your business’s unique travel requirements.  Higher airfares and reduced scheduling Several international airlines have temporarily pulled out of South Africa, while domestic airlines have removed certain routes and implemented reduced schedules. Fluctuating curfews have also resulted in price hikes due to yield management. “Budgeting for business travel in 2021 means allocating resources to increased airfares and preparing for sudden changes to flight schedules, which may result in additional fees,” warns Desai. To do this effectively, he advises it is important to note that you are now only allocating a budget for essential business travel, allowing you to reduce the number of employees you would usually schedule for trips and the number of trips planned. This will assist you in keeping to a budget that is in line with previous years’ costs, despite the current increase in…

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