What is GallivantAfrica?
GallivantAfrica serves a broad purpose to make bookings tours easy. As such GallivantAfrica is a number of things; A trusted platform for booking multi-day group tours with a huge variety of tour operators across Africa. We verify all Tour Operators, keep your payments secure and provide premium customer service at the best possible prices. A community of tour-loving travellers who connect using our apps and site features to discuss and enjoy the many benefits of travelling in a group. Our number one aim is to bridge the gap for travellers to experience the world on a fun filled group trip. Your 24/7 customer experience dedicated to tours. .
Why book a tour with GallivantAfrica?
We know Africa No one knows Africa better than Africans. Through our meticulously hand picked tour selection, we are best equipped to showcase Africa’s unique tourist attractions and its rich cultural heritage to the world. Africa is much more than our passion, it’s our home. Best handpicked selection Our strict screening process means that every supplier in your itinerary is tried-and-tested and you’re only seeing the best quality tours. Best prices, best deals We partner with Tour Operators to provide you with the best prices you will never find anywhere. Best Advice & 24/7 Support We have travelled the length and breadth of every destination we recommend to make sure that our advice is based on first-hand experience. Our experts are available to answer any questions or concerns via online chat, phone or email.
I would like more information about GallivantAfrica, how do I get in touch?
GallivantAfrica is open 24/7 and you can contact us at any time when it is suitable to you. We have numerous ways to contact us such as; our online chat functions, email or by phone. To see a full list of our contact information please see the following link - www.gallivantafrica.com/contact
How do I search for tours?
Simply go to gallivantafrica.com, type your destination into the search box to begin discovering all your options. Once the page loads on the left-hand side you can filter your search to narrow down your options, by doing this it will make sure you find the perfect match for you!
How can I book a tour?
When you have found your perfect tour, there’s a couple of ways you can book your spot. If you are already on the tour page, click the 'Book Now' button on the right-hand side.The 'Book Now' button will create a booking request to secure your seat. Your credit card will be pre-authorised for the payment amount, and only once your seat on the tour is 100% confirmed by the tour operator will we charge your card. On our 'Instant Book' tours, your seat will be immediately confirmed and payment will automatically be taken. For all booking requests, you can use the GallivantAfrica's booking conversation to speak online directly with the tour operator, or with one of our customer support team members about the progress of your booking.
How far in advance should I book?
We always recommend you book your tour as far in advance as possible, when you know you are able to travel on the tour departure date. The reason being is, all tours have limited spaces so they can book out quickly and we would hate to see you miss out on a space on the tour.
How can I pay for my tour?
GallivantAfrica accepts payment by PayPal, debit cards and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

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