When heading to the airport, most people simply try to arrive with enough time to check in bags, clear security and relax before taking off. However, many people don’t realise the time you check in can influence your chances of an upgrade. If you want to improve your chances of a free first class seat, try checking in either very early – or last minute. If you arrive several hours early for your flight, you’re most likely to beat off any competition for first class or business tickets – and avoid missing out to someone who got there before you. Chances are if the economy cabin has been overbooked, airlines will want to rectify this sooner rather than later to avoid causing delays. Be Flexible Ensuring you’re a helpful and flexible customer can often lead to rewards. It’s not uncommon for some airlines to overbook flights leading to them needing to ‘bump’ passengers to another flight. If the airline is looking for volunteers to take a later flight, take the opportunity as it could lead to a free upgrade for your troubles. If a first-class ticket isn’t offered and you have been bumped (voluntarily or not), it’s always worth asking if they can upgrade your ticket due to the inconvenience. Another common occurrence on flights is to be asked to move to a new seat by the cabin crew. While this can be inconvenient, if you’re flexible it could be to your advantage. Say yes to being moved and you…


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