Maboneng Precinct South Africa: A Place of Light?

The eastern part of Johannesburg (Joburg) CBD continues to draw sizable numbers of both domestic and international tourists. This place is globally renowned for its dynamic life, multi-layered creative arts spaces, authentic cuisine, night-life entertainment and much more. Its name is Maboneng, a Sotho word meaning “place of light.” Easily accessible through most taxi apps, […]

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Honeymoon In Seychelles: An affair to remember

Seychelles is known for its quixotic beauty and monumental luxury. Considered to be a play field of the riches, it is slowly emerging as the hottest honeymoon destination. Its white sand, pristine turquoise water, and ultra-luxurious resorts & hotels make for a good combination to start a new life together on your Seychelles honeymoon. Seychelles […]

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Walking with Rhino – Too close for comfort!

“Anyone need a change of underwear?” It has been a serious heart stopping, nerve wracking and exhilarating moment. How close had those rhino really been? I was leading a Walking Women holiday, the first one for this company, and we had already had a list of firsts for many, including myself. We had had three […]

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Five Reasons you should go Glamping this Easter Holiday

Tourism offerings have evolved over the years to accommodate a wider range of preferences – think adventure tourism, eco-tourism or slack-packing. The same can be said for the hospitality space. Some prefer the comfort that resorts and hotels offer, some must have a self-catering option, while others prefer to go camping with only the bare […]

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Rwanda: Explore the Land of a Thousand Hills

Ranked by the Gallup Report as Africa’s second safest country, Rwanda’s indicators are impressive and show that for 100,000 residents, the country has on average 2,5 murders per year. That is the lowest crime rate compared to other African countries. In addition, Rwanda is the least corrupt and cleanest country in Africa. The government introduced […]

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