Will the Veganism’s influence on the travel industry grow?

Veganism has traditionally been associated with both the consumer and retail sectors but its influence in the tourism space is growing, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. Vegan-friendly tours, excursions and digital travel apps are emerging as another tool for travel companies to attract environmentally focused individuals. As companies across the travel […]

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Local Content Rises to Top of Mozambique’s Developmental Agenda

Mozambique is experiencing an influx of investment across energy, agriculture, tourism, construction and mining sectors, positioning the country for transformative economic growth. The benefits of ongoing megaprojects, however, have the potential to extend beyond government revenues and critical infrastructure and to local capacity building and the assurance of sustainable socioeconomic improvement. In a bid to […]

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Will COVID revolutionise eco-friendly business travel?

Sustainable business travel programmes are set to boom post COVID-19 as travel managers rally behind new opportunities to fast-track their climate compliance. Bonnie Smith, GM at FCM, said: “While traveller safety will of course be a key component of any of the changes to travel policies going forward, this could also be an opportunity for […]

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Can business travellers maintain control over the COVID chaos?

COVID-19 has created chaos and uncertainty on a global level, affecting health, economics and even politics. As Stephen Kissler, an infectious disease researcher, recently put it, “Little shifts can have really disproportionately sized impacts in a pandemic.” And scientists have a name for systems that operate like this: chaos. However, even though it’s difficult to […]

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Booked your next holiday? Read the fine print!

3 Reasons to check terms and conditions now, more than ever! You’ve confirmed your trip, and upon arrival, you’re told that use of the Wi-Fi is not included in your package. You chose this accommodation specifically so that you could work from the comfort of your room, but you didn’t read the terms and conditions, […]

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