Have Fun with Leopards in Serengeti National Park

When you reach the eastern horizon at dawn, the whole horizon floods all the plains with amber light. When you pick out the distinctive shape of the giraffes that move slow right around the acacias, you will realize that there is almost no time remaining for the Sasakwa lodge. The whole place is quite high […]

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5 Best Africa Safari Experiences – Explorers with Standards

Getting off the beaten track in Africa doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it in the bush. There are some incredible lodges and hotels that, if you take the time to get off the tourist trail, can throw up unique experiences that few other people get to be a part of. Here’s three of our top ways […]

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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda vs Rwanda

If you are thinking of taking a gorilla safari in Africa, you are looking to either visit Rwanda or Uganda. These are the two best places to go gorilla trekking given that they are safe, secure and have promoted gorilla tourism. After writing the comprehensive guide to gorilla trekking, many respondents wanted to get a […]

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Travel Delights in Bamenda City, Cameroon

Bamenda is a lovely city in the northwestern part of Cameroon and offers greatest tour pleasures. Also known as Mankon and Abakwas , this is the capital of the North West province. This is situated around North West of the Yaounde region which is the capital of Cameroon. Bamenda is very well known for the […]

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Guide to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the Roof of Africa

The largest peak of Africa, it stands tall by 5,895 meters and the stratovolcano that is presently inactive is located in Tanzania’s north-eastern part. The ice-covered inactive mountain discharges gas through fumaroles in Kibo’s key summit crater. The inactive volcano is consisting of tephra and lava’s numerous layers. Its base is extended up to 388,500 […]

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