COVID-19 has created chaos and uncertainty on a global level, affecting health, economics and even politics. As Stephen Kissler, an infectious disease researcher, recently put it, “Little shifts can have really disproportionately sized impacts in a pandemic.” And scientists have a name for systems that operate like this: chaos. However, even though it’s difficult to see through the clouds of chaos exacerbating our current situation and obscuring the future, we are not completely powerless. Epidemiologists say we can maintain control over the chaos, by applying simple logic such as wearing a mask, washing hands and avoiding large gatherings. The same is true in business travel. As business travel is gradually opening up in our market, the sense of chaos can be equally overwhelming for business travellers. However, just like epidemiologists can maintain control over the chaos through proactive measures, so too can business travellers. Real-Time Traveller Information The best way to maintain control and feel confident in a chaotic situation is by being well-informed. However, in a COVID-19 world, information overload can have the opposite effect. We are all continuously bombarded by COVID-19 hypotheses, speculation and even conspiracy theories. In a world of self-proclaimed experts, contradicting “news” tends to fill up our mailboxes and social media feeds, leading to confusion and misinformation. The best way to make sense of the information overload is to rely on reputable experts with a proven track record. For business travel, turn to a Travel Management Company such as FCM Travel Solutions. FCM is a…

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