As business travel begins to recover, more and more travellers are hitting the road. But how can you maximise your productivity while on the move? How do you cut through the chaos and uncertainty, and ensure that your trips are smooth, successful – and worthwhile? Oz Desai, GM Corporate Traveller, shares 5 tips for today’s post-COVID road warrior: Ditch the red-eye flight Getting up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight has never been the best recipe for productivity. After all, you want to be alert and focussed when meeting with important clients. In times of COVID, travellers need to factor in additional time at the airport for screening purposes. This makes the red-eye a complete no-go. Instead, opt for a flight on the day prior to the meeting and enjoy the comfort of a hotel room to work and rest prior to your meeting. The more energised you are, the more productive you will be. Pack light You’ll feel much more productive (and energised) if you are not weighed down with heavy suitcases and unnecessary baggage. Pack the bare minimum – and ensure today’s essentials (your cell phone, ID, hand sanitiser and spare masks) are easily accessible. A great carry-on bag, with handy zipped compartments, is your best friend. Make sure it can accommodate a change of clothes, laptop, chargers and all your travel docs (even better, have them on your phone) to prevent fumbling and faffing at security or the boarding gates. Sam :] will also…

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