I just love it when the traffic noises slow down, in that moment you know that you are out of the forever busy city, Johannesburg, South Africa. Sibani Lodge is located inside Mount Savannah in

Attracting tourists to South Africa is a task that’s been completed tenfold by the beautiful city of Cape Town, being named the number one favourite city in Africa and the Middle East for the 17th

Maasai tribe are naturally known for their traditional home-made bead work. Women here set to work on the art work almost every day. They can gather around whether outside or inside the huts and start

In the grand tradition of planning vacations to places where people have met their tragic ends—Pyramid of Giza, Auschwitz, the ruins of Pompeii—one of the oldest forms of tourism is taking the continent by storm.

It was kind of hard to hear or pronounce the name at first, whilst even my driver was laughing uncontrollably and kind of not making it easy for me, I finally got it. After so

Representatives of 14 countries in East Africa have agreed that the African Continental Free Trade Area, the AfCFTA, represents a unique opportunity to promote regional integration. At the closing session of the three day regional

This is the question many people across the South African tourism industry have begged answers for, against the African tourism giant experiencing unusual low tourism arrivals. Predictable, for a country that in recent times has

2414 Publishing (Pty) Limited has announced Miriro Matema, as the new managing editor of its flagship magazine Nomad Africa. Matema replaces Monique Ashley Le-Coure, who left Nomad Africa after nearly six years. The announcement was